Welcome to our academy!

If you're new, congratulations! You've taken the first step, which is also the hardest step!  If you've been training elsewhere, we're happy to be your next gym and are excited to mix your game in with ours - steel sharpens steel!

Membership features: 

  • month-to-month with no contracts
  • only 30 days cancellation notice
  • includes Gi/NoGi classes and the weekly conditioning class.

Membership fee is :

  • $170 / month (individual)
  • $220 / month (family)
  • $90 /month (kids)
To join, email us at info@marcelogarciadallas.com or give us a call at 214-546-7379. You can also swing by the gym and talk to Rob Ables, head instructor, or Stephanie at the front desk.

Click here for a GoogleMap link!


**During your FREE 7-day free trial, you are welcome to attend classes wearing comfortable clothes such as a
T-shirt(make sure it's not too loose), shorts, or other athletic attire.**

What you need:

A Gi: The 'gi' is the outfit that you wear, usually white or blue.  It needs to be a jiujitsu gi, since they are made of tougher material and built for the pulling and grabbing that happens in training. We have some for sale at the gym.

- Board shorts or gym shorts - This attire is required when the 'no-gi' classes happen (clever name right?).

There are rashguards and fight shorts available, but shorts that fit well around the waist and a t-shirt that isn't too loose fitting are a good start.

- A mouthpiece: No strikes of any kind are allowed in jiujitsu, but it's a decent precaution since every now and then arm can pop under the jaw, so a mouthpiece is a good recommendation.